Textile Spray Adhesive Stanger 150ml

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STANGER Heat Transfer is an adhesive that is activatable by heat. It bonds quickly, safely and permanently many fabrics not depending on their thickness. Quickly apply a badge, hem a skirt, tinker costumes and accessories or just mend the old jeans.
For all fabrics that can be ironed: whether synthetic fibers, viscose, wool, silk, felt, denim, cotton or linen! The bonded seam / surface is flexible and machine washable (max. 40°C).
Application: Surfaces has to be dry and free from dust and grease. Shake the can well before use. Spray on one side in a distance of 15–20cm. After a 5min airing time a white powder is formed, place the fabric on this position. By ironing - Heat Transfer - the adhesive is activated and the fabrics are permanently bonded together. Depending on the material, the iron can be adjusted to the maximum heat level.
Volume: 150ml
14.96 GEL
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