Stationery Supplies

Dear Customer,

On our website you can purchase various products as an physical or as a legal entity.

• For free delivery in Tbilisi the value of the ordered stationery should be over 50 GEL.
• If the value is not over 50 GEL the delivery cost will be 5 GEL.
• In the regions of Georgia the delivery cost is agreeable, which will be informed by the operator upon contacting you.

An order invoice will automatically be sent to your email address.

Payment can be made either with cash or via bank transfer or using a Visa / MasterCard card.

Registered customers receive 3% discount on stationery items!

For registration click the link "registration", where after filling up in several fields, you will become our registered customer and get:
• 3% discount!
• You will not have to enter your details upon making each purchase; they will be kept in our database.
• Thus, you will save your time and money.

The company reserves the right to edit or delete a user account.

The service terms may change at any moment, about which we will try to notify you.

Our service terms is presented in two languages: Georgian and English. In case of an incosistency in the translation the priority is granted to the Georgian version. If your have a question about the service terms contact us.

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