Fabric Adhesive Stanger 50g

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The solvent-free STANGER Textile adhesive is a high temperature-resistant, quick drying, liquid thread for exact and clean gluing of seams / surfaces. This adhesive connects quickly, safely and permanently many textiles not depending on their thickness such as cotton, canvas, etc.
Application: The surfaces must be clean, grease, oil and silicone free. New fabrics must be washed before at least one time. Apply the fabric adhesive only on one side and assemble the parts to be bonded together. Apply the adhesive on both sides for highly absorbent textiles. Press the adhesive spot firmly.
After a drying time of 4 h the glue will be transparent and flexible. Then iron the glued textile with an iron on both sides at the highest possible level. Follow care tips of the corresponding fabric. Only after ironing the bond reaches its final strength and can be washed at 60°C.
After ironing wait at least 24h for the first wash.
Weight: 50g
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