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Adheres paper, cardboard, leather, felt, foam and cellular materials, many plastics (such as PS, ABS, PVC, PA), fabric, metal, woodand glass surfaces together and to one another. Colourless. Only suitable for indoor use.
Application: Ensure that surfaces are dry and free of dust and grease. Perform glue tests prior to application. Shake the container well before use. Shake the container repeatedly during application.
Hold the can 15–20cm away from surface, spray a fine and even mist of STANGER contact glue on both surfaces to be glued. Allow surfaces to dry 5–20 minutes respective of material, until contact with the surface no longer produces glue threads, then press the surfaces together using pressure. Not for styrofoam.
Weight: 42g
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Gemstone Glue Pen Stanger 42g

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