Gemstone Glue Stanger 30g

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STANGER Gemstone Glue Pen is a solvent-free adhesives, which can be used to fix gemstones to many different materials. In addition it can be used as an universal glue for paper, photos, cardboard, wood, styrofoam and textiles.
STANGER Gemstone Glue Pen is used especially in the craft and hobby area. It is characterized by a non-spill clean processing and relatively fast drying. Excess glue can be removed immediately after the bonding with water. Application: The surfaces to be glued must be dry, clean and clear of grease, oil and silicone.
STANGER Gemstone Glue Pen is applied thinly and evenly on the cleaned surfaces to be glued and bonded together under slight pressure. For non sucking surfaces it is necessary to apply the adhesive on both sides, let it dry for 3-4 minutes and then pressing the parts together. Within 4 hours the glue dries transparent an is machinewashable at 30°C. It is necessary to wait for at least 24 hours before washing. Not dryer-proof.
Weight: 30g
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