All purpose Glue Stanger 90g

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This universal glue is used for a wide range of gluing applications. It is ideally suitable for gluing of paper, cardboard, wood, metal, plastic and rubber to one another or in different combinations.
Specially recommended for relatively smooth, flat surfaces. The setting time is relatively short. This is why the parts must be neatly aligned.
The universal glue is used in the craft area, for hobbies, at the office, in schools, households as well as in industrial applications. This glue is characterised by colour neutrality, drip-free clean processing and rapid drying.
Application: The universal glue is applied with equal strokes as a thin layer to the cleaned surfaces to be glued; allow to evaporate for a short period, then adhere the surfaces to one another. After 5-10 minutes, depending on the absorbency of the surface, an initial adhesion is already achieved.
Weight: 90g
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