Styrofoam glue Stanger 200g

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STANGER Styrofoam glue is a solvent-free and low odor adhesive that is used for a number of adhesive applications. Ideally, it is develop to bonding Styrofoam, wood, cork, paper, cardboard, fabric, felt and foam rubber with each other or in different combination. STANGER Styrofoam glue is used in the DIY area, for hobby, office, school, home and is also used in industrial applications.
STANGER Styrofoam glue is characterized by non-dripping, clean processing and fast drying.
Application: The surfaces must be dry, clean and free of grease, oil and silicone.
STANGER Styrofoam glue is thinly and evenly applied to one side of the cleaned surface to be bonded and the areas under slight pressure glued together. In depending on the absorbency of the surface the drying time can vary. Excess liquid still Styrofoam glue adhesive can be wiped away with water.
Weight: 200g
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